About The Owner


Kristie is the CEO of ReddzWay LLC Cosmetic. She started this company in 2018 off of a dream of becoming her own boss, and having the drive for change. Her passion has always been to help others. She is a firm believer in just living the life we all deserve. She always puts God first in everything. She's always been in love with beauty and cosmetics and always wanted to sell beauty and skincare products that would be effective in peoples lives in a positive light. She planned out her journey which was not easy. But, she's managed to accomplish her goal of starting the business! 


The name ReddzWay came from her childhood and her high school years off of her nickname REDD, which still sticks with her until this day. So she decided to name her company ReddzWay.


With the skincare side of this business, she was always asked about her skin and how its so smooth and how she looked so young. She wanted her products to have meaning and purpose behind every single one created. She wanted every product to be relatable and effective in peoples live, so that they would feel great about themselves. 

Taking care of yourself and embracing your inner and outer being is very important, to have and gain self confidence. "Why wait to start indulging in yourself or gaining that self confidence? Why not start now!"

With that being said, come join the experience and embrace your natural beauty! with us here at ReddzWay LLC Cosmetics!